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If your decisions about your business are based purely on the data you receive from your bookkeeper or accountant, you are unwittingly putting your business at great risk. There are many things your accountants don't tell you - particularly if their only involvement in your business is compiling end of year accounts. Quite often, they don't realise you are unaware of this critical information. As a business owner, you must understand and get to grips with every aspect of financial management.

It really is the key to business success. It is also a skill that far too many business owners lack. Many small and medium sized businesses fail because their owners don't have up-to-date crucial financial information or the sound support to exploit it. By the time you've finished, you'll feel much more confident of your financial management awareness and ability. If you own your business and feel that you're not on top of the finances, then this booklet is must read for you.