KMG Financial

We're different because we are providing services to some 320 clients, not 3,200. That means we can provide each client with a highly personal and friendly, quality service. We're different because we operate from a low cost base near Gatwick, with links to central London in just 45 minutes. We're not hampered or constrained by connections to any other financial sector business, and are truly independent. We're different because, by investing heavily in technology, we have been able to keep the team small and nimble, focusing on building individual qualification levels.

We are proud to have achieved 'Chartered Financial' status in 2012, with two of our advisers holding this status as individuals. All of our client team hold qualifications beyond industry requirement. We're different because we punch well above our weight running £260 million of client funds. We think globally and hold strong opinions. Our investment team seeks out product providers and fund managers who match our forward view.