Grayson Smith

Chartered Financial Planners demonstrate a fundamentally professional ethos. Through their membership of the Personal Finance Society, the professional body for Financial Advisers, Chartered Financial Planners adhere to a respected code of ethics and commit to a structured programme of continuing professional development (CPD). Upon graduating Chartered Financial Planners read an Oath, committing to uphold theses values.

This includes keeping their knowledge up to date as well as learning about new developments impacting their profession. Failure to adhere to the code or provide evidence of CPD can result in serious disciplinary action and the removal of Chartered Financial Planner status. This helps ensure that their knowledge is up to date with the latest legislation and technical developments, and that they act in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

You can trust Chartered Financial Planners, like Chartered Accountants, Surveyors, or Engineers, to be highly qualified, reputable and capable of providing you with quality advice with the utmost integrity. You should therefore be confident that a Chartered Financial Planner can be relied on to consider your personal circumstances and devise a plan to help you meet your needs, fulfil your aspirations and help provide you with a secure financial future.